#ProudToBe #NativeAmerican - “Native Americans call themselves many things … the one thing they don’t …”

#ChangeTheMascot NFL Washington Redskins for I am #NotYourMascot #SuperBowl hall of shame - #NFL #Redskins is #Racist / #Racebased.

Photos by Michael Pecosky, Ivy Vainio and Wendi Kent - Madison, Wisconsin.

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From “Extending a Critical Lifeline for the Long-Term Unemployed,” by U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez

In a society dominated by consumerism and materialism, it’s shockingly easy to forget the simple but powerful truth that people — and that includes you and me — are more important than things or tasks or time. The dominant culture urges us to forget. It is a powerful act of resistance to remember that people are more important than things — and to live accordingly.

No doubt the GOP should have checked with Stephen Colbert about how to address its lady troubles!

WATCH: “The GOP’s Lady Troubles.”

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